Meet the Tomra FPS optical potato sorter
Meet the Tomra FPS optical potato sorter

Tomra FPS optical sorter tour in Poland

TOMRA Sorting NV is a Belgian manufacturer of food sorters using the most advanced technologies for precise sorting of products. Not everyone knows that Archimedes sp. Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of TOMRA food sorting machines in Poland and optical sorters are a perfect addition to our offer, because we are able to offer our customers comprehensive solutions necessary to build entire transport lines for sorting products. These are not ordinary sorters or popular potato sorters – these are among the most efficient machines available on the market all over the world. The sorters control millions of individual products per hour, recovering as much as 5-10% of the yield – see the video!

Although the consumption of potatoes in our country has fallen over the last decade, other countries have already learned about the quality of our potatoes so the export is still growing and we are still at the top of Europe. The use of TOMRA optical sorters means savings and competitivity!

Optical sorter FPS tested in Poland

In the near future there will be an opportunity to see for yourself how effective Tomra sorters are. We will present the Tomra FPS sorter at several events, including customer shows.

Approaching events:

– this Friday, July 5th in the town of Żelazna, at an open meeting during the 17th edition of Potato Day in Żelazna (organized by SGGW RZD Żelazna), during the meeting we will be discussing such issues as: proper selection of sprays and technique of treatments in potato protection, potato protection season, discussion of presented technologies of cultivation and protection of potato in the show field, precision farming in potato cultivation

– Another opportunity to meet with the sorter and, above all, our specialists, in Nidzica on National Potato Days, 23th-25th of August, where, as a sponsor, we will have our stand at the fair hall presenting the launched FPS sorter. It is a meeting of all people connected with the potato industry, which is worth being at.

More details soon!

If you are interested in participating in the National Potato Days write to us at info@archimedes.pl and we will send you invitations by name.

We invite you!

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