V-belt wheels PRB with regulation
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Koła pasowe serii PRB to grupa kół pasowych z możliwością regulacji rozstawu pod pasy 10 x 6, 13 x 8 oraz 17 x 11.

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PRB series is a group of adjustable 10 x 6, 13 x 8 and 17 x 11 belt wheels

Adjustable belt wheels offered by Archimedes are professionally made elements of the drive transmission. After proper installation and adjustment they do not require further maintenance. They work reliably for a long time.

They are made in three versions of G20 cast iron according to UNI5007 standard and the surface is protected by protective phosphate, which increases resistance to harmful environmental factors. They are manufactured in diameters from PRB 93 to PRB 200.

Depending on the version, we can use PRB belt wheels for one or two V-belts. Chiaravalli’s belt wheels are now also available from Archimedes in adjustable groove’s width versions. PRB V-belt wheels allow you to smoothly adjust the diameter and width to perfectly meet your application requirements.

Diameter and width of PRB belt wheels are adjustable (mm): 93, 108, 120, 138, 160, 180, 200.

These parameters enable cooperation with SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC belts. Archimedes offer also includes adjustable belts dedicated to work with two V-belts.

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