2nd place in the competition for the 75th anniversary of ROSTA AG
2nd place in the competition for the 75th anniversary of ROSTA AG

Rafał Filipiak took second place in the competition for the best presentation and presented success story, organized by ROSTA in Switzerland on the occasion of its 75th anniversary.

Rafał – Product Engineer (specialist in the area of vibrating machine elements) in Switzerland during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of ROSTA AG told “The success story” of Archimedes on the example of selling ROSTA engine bases. We always offer the customer not only the product, but also to look for the best solution for a specific case and often these cases are so complicated that the talks last for weeks.

Rafał beat over 15 distributors from all over the world! And on the podium besides us, the Rosta distributor from the UK took third place and the French company took the honourable first place. Congratulations to Rafał!

75-year-old ROSTA

It all started in 1944 when Mr. ROhr in the village of STAufen was commissioned to develop a simple and economical solution for handling truck trailer axles. This event is considered to be the beginning of the company we know today as ROSTA. It has been exactly 75 years since then! ¾ century!

A long time, right? Well, ROSTA thinks so too and has invited its partners to Switzerland on this occasion. One of these partners is us. Archimedes company is the exclusive distributor in Poland and we were happy to accept the invitation.

In the photo Rafał Filipiak accepting congratulations from ROSTA’s sales and marketing manager – Philippe Matter.

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