Control cabinet construction

Archimedes carries out all its mechanical and electrical projects in its own production centers. We build electrical cabinets, control cabinets. The construction of control cabinets can be based on documentation provided by the customer or on our own project agreed with the customer.

Construction of control cabinets – precision and quality!

We specialize in building control cabinets used in various industries. They are indispensable in power engineering or automatics and production plants. Thanks to them, complicated and complex equipment is perfectly ordered, which guarantees efficiency and safety during work.

We build our equipment from scratch in our own production center. We base on our own projects or those proposed by the customer. As a contractor of a comprehensive service, we offer support and assistance in creating a control cabinet which will best meet your needs and expectations – it will ensure smooth operation and protect you from onerous downtimes.

We offer products with high tightness class as well as high resistance to mechanical damage. Our control cabinets are characterized by a rigid and durable construction, which protects them from harmful external factors, excessive loads and tensions. Moreover, devices from Archimedes have all the necessary certificates and meet the necessary standards, which guarantees their 100% safety and high quality.

As a company with almost 20 years of experience, we know what counts in a thriving company. Above all, it is quality, which is not worth saving on, especially in such a sensitive matter as mechanical, electrical or electronic devices. Therefore, in the production of our control cabinets we use the highest quality materials with high strength indicators.

The Archimedes company offers the construction of control systems based on the:

  • metal control cabinets
  • powder coated metal control cabinets
  • stainless steel control cabinets
  • plastic control cabinets.

Interested? We invite you to contact our specialists from the Automation Department, who will answer all your doubts and help you to adjust the ideal control cabinet for your company!

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