Robotised palletising and packaging systems
Robotised palletising and packaging systems

We carry out projects in the field of packaging and palletisation. We supply complete robotic systems, performing the functions of palletizing, packing or handling (pick and place).

The workstations or technological lines that we supply are equipped with conveyors, robotic systems and buffering systems. Typical applications for the packing and palletizing systems that we realize are to place packages, cartons, boxes, sacks, bags, trays, bottles or other objects on pallets. Advanced production systems are used not only in the food industry, but also in many other industrial sectors.

The supply of products to palletizing machines is ensured by conveyors (belt, chain and plate ones) and other internal transport systems of our design. The mechanical basis of our products are components which we produce ourselves or we are their supplier (we have them in a well-stocked warehouse).

The transfer of products between the elements of the packaging line is carried out by means of pick and place robots, which ensure the appropriate speed, accuracy, repeatability and reasonable costs for these applications. To determine the position of products on automatic packaging lines we use vision systems, which we select according to specific needs resulting from the complexity of the supported packaging process.

Our experience and human resources enable us to carry out most projects in the field of production line automation. At the request of our customers we construct systems performing reverse functions – depalletisation and separation of products.

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