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ROSTA tensioner type SE systems are based on ROSTA rubber joints.

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ROSTA tensioner type SE systems are based on ROSTA rubber joints. They are used in many power transmission systems and systems requiring pressure.

ROSTA tensioners are available in 7 versions:

  • SE – standard
  • SE-G – oil-resistant
  • SE-W – heat-resistant
  • SE-B – double
  • SE-R – reinforced
  • SE-F – front-mounted
  • SE-I – stainless


  • In belt drives – guarantees the lowest level of service, constant torque, and adaptation to belt elongation. It also prevents the drive belts from overheating and slipping.
  • In chain drives – prevents slack on the chain and jumping on the teeth, increases sprockets wrap around, and guarantees smooth and quiet chain operation on the slack side.
  • As the suspension of the scraper, it offers constant pressure, increases the life of the scraper, eliminates vibrations on the roller and ensures effective cleaning of the belt.
  • As a clamp, offering a precisely defined pressure, thus facilitating the transport of the elements.

The Rosta tensioner is completely maintenance-free and extremely durable. The offer also includes ROSTA accessories dedicated to SE tensioners, such as rollers, slides and gears

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