Suspensions for belt transmission
Suspensions for belt transmission

Rosta’s self-tensioning motor bases are ideal for V-belt drives. They provide continuous V-belt tensioning during operation of the belt transmission and belt loosening during start and stop of the transmission. This prevents the V-belts from cracking, over tensioning or falling. The available base types allow the installation of motors of different powers and sizes in the range from 0,75kw to even 750kW. Thanks to the use of bases, the drive system offers constant efficiency. Constant belt tension often prevents very high heat losses.

Main advantages:

  • ensure that the belts can be changed quickly and there is no need for multiple alignment of the pulleys
  • a fully maintenance-free tensioning system – no need for regular belt tensioning
  • prevent the belt from loosening during system operation, which prevents heat generation and energy loss,
  • by reducing belt slippage, reduce the risk of premature belt damage
  • allow for short belt slippage during the start of large weights, preventing a large increase in tension between the belt and the wheel
  • provide ideal belt tension and thus constant torque transmission
  • extend the life of the belts even by three times
  • provide a silent power transmission.



Main application:

  • slime pumps’ drive systems
  • crushers’ drive systems
  • vibration screens’ drive systems
  • centrifuges’ drive systems
  • fans’ drive systems
  • compressors’ drive systems.

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