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Adjustable handles of Boteco’s “M” series are plastic ends of levers, handwheels, wheels and cranks. They are an essential part of machine construction. All of them are made of high quality materials and metal alloys, which guarantee excellent functionality of the handle, comfort of use and long-term durability. These accessories will prove themselves even in the most difficult conditions, with machines operating in extreme temperatures. They are also resistant to weather conditions.

The range includes:

  • handles with threaded hole – M138, M238
  • handles with push-fit bore – M135, M510, M146, M246, M511, M720
  • handles with push-fit bore – M139, M141
  • handles with threaded hole – M140, M240
  • revolving handles – M144, M144 CIN
  • revolving handles – M129, M129 CIN, M229-M229CIN
  • revolving handles – M245-M245CIN, M145, M145 CIN
  • revolving and folding handles – M204 CIN
  • revolving handles – M202
  • handles with threaded hole – M137
  • handles with push-fit bore – M128

Various shapes and types are available:

  • ball handles
  • oval handles
  • swivel handles
  • star-shaped handles
  • threaded handles
  • snap-on handles
  • folding handles.

The shapes shown are designed to ensure ergonomic use. Threaded handle levers are used for wheels and swivel cranks as they have a folding handle. We particularly recommend handles from the “Euromodel” series.

Handles – technical information:

  • available internal and external thread diameters
  • round holes: from 6 mm to 20 mm
  • rectangular holes: from 5.5 mm x 20.5 mm to 10.5 mm x 29.5 mm
  • threaded holes: M4 to M14
  • external threads M4 to M14
  • length of the handle part from 27 mm to 111 mm

Basic materials used in the production of handles:

  • reinforced polyamide
  • resistant to oil and grease
  • satin black (plastic parts),
  • galvanised steel
  • oxidised steel
  • stainless steel

We also invite you to contact our technical department, which will provide professional help and advice.

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