Power Grip GT gears with 3MR, 5MR pitch
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Gear wheels for Power Grip GT belts are very strong and robust.

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Gear wheels for Power Grip GT belts are very strong and robust.

The Power Grip GT gear wheels are part of the belt transmissions and differ from the other wheels in their greater strength, which allows for higher forces and torque to be transmitted without any slip. They are used in various industries. The wheels are manufactured using specialized technology from high-quality steel or cast iron. The wheels are ideal for continuous operation in systems where the transmission of high loads is necessary, which is also the case at high speeds.

The Power Grip GT gear wheels have a solid design that provides stable operation. They are made to work in adverse environmental and weather conditions, with greases, oils, liquids and increased humidity.

Power Grip GT gear wheels provide continuity of operation.

Our range includes gears for Power Grip belts, which are divided into two main categories: for GT 3MR and GT 5MR belts. Wheels in this category ensure continuous and safe operation. Their manufacturer, Chiaravalli, is a world leader in transmission components. This brand is a guarantee, that all the gears work perfectly with transmission belts from world renowned manufacturers.

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