Our modern Machining Centre ensures the machining of semi-finished products and the execution of details based on the provided documentation. An experienced team of constructors and technologists provides support in designing details and preparing documentation.

Production capabilities (machining, CNC rolling, CNC milling):

– preparing holes with a groove for the keyway,

– preparing internal and external threads with metric or pitch

– preparing rollers, bushings, discs, rings, rollers

– making holes for clamping bushings, bearings, clamping hubs

– production of details according to customer documentation

– max. rolling diameter Ø 600 mm without support and Ø 450 mm with support

– max. rolling length up to 1500 mm

– max milling length: 2000 mm, width: 500 mm, height: 500 mm

Possibility to produce and process details from aluminium, steel, plastics, INOX, graphite and titanium.

Machine park

– vertical cnc milling centre, DOOSAN DNM 5700 (possibility of smooth 3-axial machining of 3D models using CAM software)

– vertical cnc milling centre, DOOSAN DNM 4000 (520 mm x 400 mm x 480 mm)

– numerical cnc lathe with inclined bed AFM VENUS 350

– numerical cnc lathe, AFM OSA 100

– universal lathe , TUR 630Mx1500

– universal lathe,  TUR 460×1500

– universal milling machine, FW30

– saws

Every professional is looking for opportunities to obtain the best devices, equipment and smaller components, so that their work is as effective as possible. For all those who are satisfied only with high quality, we have created a Machining Centre. The Centre was created thanks to the work of experienced technologists and constructors, who pay attention to even the smallest details.

Machining and even more in the Archimedes’ Centre

The Machining Centre offers standard activities such as mechanical machining. A CNC rolling or milling service is also available. We have created proposals of these production possibilities with a view to the benefit of our customers. In the Machining Centre you will receive assistance at the design, machining and documentation stages. We offer comprehensive care and satisfaction guarantee. Together we will work out a solution that will be best for your business.

Machining – high quality of services

Among our production and processing services we work with metals such as aluminium, steel, plastics, INOX, titanium and graphite. Thanks to this we offer a wide range of possibilities. Archimedes Machining Centre is characterized by the search for innovative ideas that help us to offer you an effective and modern methods.

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