PVC belt curtains

Belt curtains are a relatively cheap and airtight system for protecting rooms in production and service facilities against the loss of hot or cold air. They are also used for special work areas, e.g. for welders, milling machines or in office spaces. PVC belt curtains can additionally provide draught protection, protection against the ingress of dust and fumes into rooms as well as reduction of noise level.

The range of PVC curtains includes:

  • standard PVC belt curtains. Operating range -25/+50 st.C
  • PVC belt curtains Polar. Operating range – 45/+35°C
  • “Anti-insect” PVC belt curtains (yellow colour – smell of Japanese grass)
  • ribbed PVC belt curtains (on forklift route)
  • antistatic PVC belt curtains for explosive zones
  • PVC belt welding curtains (red or green)
  • Inox and plastic comb slings and fixing plates
  • finished belts of PVC foil with mounted fixing plates

Belt curtains consist of vertically hanging belts made of PVC foil in different thicknesses and colours, depending on the task at hand. The purpose of belt curtains is very wide in many industries due to their versatility and resistance.

Resistant belt curtains – functionality and advantages.

Apart from industry, they are also very popular in sports and recreation facilities, catering facilities, cosmetic or hairdressing establishments, and even wedding and banquet halls. Private farms also use the advantages of curtains in the garage or at the DIY stand.

Curtains are popular due to their multi-tasking. PVC foil is a soft, yet strong and durable material. Despite dividing the rooms, the curtains do not make even continuous movement between them too difficult. They have insulating properties and absorb sound waves perfectly. It can be coloured and equipped with UV filters. They are suitable for different temperature ranges and many other specific atmospheric conditions.

Use of belt curtains

PVC belt cusrtains can be used anywhere where it is necessary, among other things:

  • reduction of heat or cold loss – the need to control the flow of heat energy between separated spaces
  • reduction of draughts and moisture – stopping gusts of wind, heavy rain or snow
  • protection of rooms against the ingress of various substances – dust, smoke and fumes
  • noise-reduction – reduction of the spread of noise, silencing, attenuation
  • protection of sight and skin – protection of bystanders during the arc welding process
  • protection of potentially explosive environments – for example, the presence of chemicals, electronic systems
  • visual separation of space – also in the form of decoration

The durable PVC belt curtains are ideal even in very demanding conditions. They are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and easy to clean and, in case of mechanical damage, easy to repair by replacing the defective element.

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