Volta homogenous PU belts

Homogeneous polyurethane belts from Volta Belting Technology are the safest way to transport unpackaged food products in terms of hygiene.

The unique features of Volta Belting Technology include:

  • monolithic construction which makes them odourless and easy to keep clean
  • they do not absorb fat or moisture
  • do not delaminate under these factors
  • they are very resistant to abrasion and low temperatures.

Volta tapes are produced in thicknesses from 1.0 to 8.0mm and hardness from 72 ShA to 59 ShD. They can be smooth or with several types of supporting structures such as Mini Cleats, Spikes, ITO50, IRT. They have all the necessary approvals required during transport of unpackaged food (FDA, USDA, HACCP). Volta tapes can be thermally (frontally) and mechanically joined with Anker or Alligator type pins or with special mechanical, plastic connectors (so called Lance System). The tapes can be welded to wedges, pickups, frills and a number of special, untypical applications. All operations of joining belts, melding applications, applying additional coverings, etc. are performed without the use of glues (only thermally!).

The offer of Volta Belting company also includes a special group of tapes with a toothed pitch on the current side. These belts are an excellent alternative to modular belts and should be used wherever hygiene and production efficiency control is the most important. The characteristic feature of these belts is their integrated teeth, which guarantees a very durable drive system.

Volta’s polyurethane belts are environmentally friendly and contribute to a drastic reduction in water consumption, thus reducing cleaning downtime. This significantly improves production efficiency. Volta belts are very often used to transport meat and poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables, in cheese production, glass transportation, biodegradable waste and many other applications.

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