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In our offer you will find high quality unidirectional couplings of the Italian brand C.T.S.

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In our offer you will find high quality unidirectional couplings of the Italian brand C.T.S. The purpose of unidirectional couplings is to transfer torque in one direction. Their properties are used in various machines, e.g. machine tools, everywhere where the working movement is unidirectional and in clocking machines where the change of working direction forces the change to idle movement. These are precise machine parts, which perfectly fulfil their function and ensure many years of effectiveness.

A big advantage of unidirectional couplings is the disconnection quality when the machine reaches the set speed. During this process it is possible to switch gear. These components are therefore ideal for machines equipped with a graduated gearbox. In addition, changing directions during operation causes the coupling to disconnect and move to the so-called idle movement (unloaded) in the opposite direction.

CTS unidirectional couplinga – application

Due to their design, they are ideal for clocking devices, as return movement locks and drive disconnection elements when the machine reaches its target speed. Typical applications are also conveyors and feeders, especially ascending conveyors.

CTS couplings are products characterized by high precision and attention to detail. They are made of excellent, damage-resistant, high-strength steel, which guarantees trouble-free operation for years. The locking elements are pre-tensioned with springs, so that the drive is transmitted in any position.

The Italian brand CTS makes every effort to create unidirectional couplings of the highest quality. In our offer you will find elements of various sizes and shapes, so you can easily choose the ideal product for your machines.

If you have any doubts which CTS unidirectional couplings to choose, please contact our specialists. We will be happy to help and answer any questions. We will also adjust the offer to your individual needs and expectations. Contact us now!

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