Plate chain wheels are manufactured in 2 versions, for chain drive (drive wheels) and for mounting to non-driven return shafts (passive wheels).

The offer includes wheels for all plastic and metal chains produced by Systemplast Company.

Versions of produced wheels:

  • split wheel – easy installation on shafts without the need of their disassembly,
  • non-split wheel – required disassembly of shafts.

Production range:

  • number of teeth on the wheel (depending on the series) from 13 to 34,
  • outer diameters of wheels from D56mm to D360mm,
  • holes’ diameters for round shafts from d18mm to d45mm,
  • holes’ sizes for square shafts from 25mm x 25mm to 90mm x 90mm.
  • drive wheels with openwork design enabling automatic removal of dirt (optimal life, double groove for wedge),
  • return wheels (passive) with an acetal sliding bushings or with ball bearings (sturdy construction, open surface shortens the cleaning or washing process).

Materials used for the production of wheels:

  • reinforced polyamide for injection-manufactured wheels,
  • polyamide PA6 for wheels processed on numerical machines from full shaft or plate material,
  • carbon steel C45,
  • metal wheel elements (screws, nuts, pins, bushings), stainless steel, nickel-plated steel or brass.

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