The guides are used to guide modular belts and plate chains in a targeted way.

The production range includes:

  • milled straight guides for plate chains (2m, 3m sections),
  • milled arched guides for plate chains in TAB or BEVEL version
  • KMD magnetic guides – for magnetic chains and belts,
  • KMD magnetic guides with heat dissipation – for plastic magnetic chains and belts,
  • KMD TOP TRAC magnetic guides – with exchangable slides made of NOLU-S material.
  • special guides

The products are made of the highest quality materials:

  • polyethylene UHMW,
  • polyethylene with NOLU-S lubricants,
  • polyethylene UHMW AS  – antistatic,

Interactive online catalogue with editing of DXF, 3D drawings:

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