Brackets and handles for sidebands

An important element of each conveyor is an appropriate system of sidebands to ensure proper guidance of products during transport. Sidebands are attached to brackets, whose construction ensures easy adjustment of the conveyor band in two planes – vertical and horizontal.

System Plast offers supports made of both plastic and stainless steel.

The basic types of brackets for the sideband:

  • fixed or adjustable brackets, height from 157mm to 286mm,
  • brackets with rotating heads, height from 164mm to 252mm,
  • „Speedset” brackets for quick changeover of the transport line width, height from 161mm to 240mm.

Sidebands’ handles:

  • handles for round bars with diameter from d8mm to d16mm ,
  • handles for profiles fixed in metal profile C 20mm x10mm,
  • handles for trapezoidal profiles 17mm x 12mm,
  • special handles for beaded bands,
  • clamping handles for plastic bands.

Interactive online catalogue with editing of DXF, 3D drawings:

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