Round profiles – D28 tube system

D28 tube system – economical design and easy installation of round profiles

The D28 tube system consists of two basic round profiles and a series of fittings. Tubes and fittings are made of aluminium alloy. The basic connectors require only an Allen key, so installation is quick and easy. The profiles can be easily cut even with a manual metal saw, which allows for a quick rearrangement of the structure even at the place of use.

Versatility of the D28 system

The D28 tube profile system is compatible with the 40 series from MK Technology, so that square and round sections can be combined,

The system can also be combined with elements of similar tubular systems offered by other manufacturers, so that existing projects can be easily extended. The tube profile system provides great stability and versatility as well as weight and cost savings.


The D28 system is used in production lines (especially where manual assembly is concerned) and also in the light industry (electronics, small appliances or car parts). It is perfect for assembly lines based on the Lean Manufacturing concept.

Advantages of the D28 tube system:

  • simple, fast and economical design
  • quick modification of existing applications
  • easy connection with 40 series profiles and systems from other manufacturers
  • lightweight construction – 0.6 kg/m (profile)
  • no profile machining or special tools are required.

What components does the D28 tube system consist of?

Basic profiles

  • The D28 series round profiles have a diameter of 28 mm and a centre channel of 7.4 mm. They are compatible with the 40 series profiles.

Material: anodised aluminium


  • 90° angle joints – T-joint consists of two halves screwed together.

Material: aluminium

  • Cross joints  – the cross joint provides a stable connection between two MK’s D28 profiles.

Material: aluminium

  • 45° angle joints – 45° angle joint consists of two halves clamped with a screw.

Material: aluminium

  • Ball joints – the ball joint is suitable for variable connections between two D28 profiles. The joint can be used to fix the connection at an angle of up to 90° by clamping it with a screw.

Material: aluminium

  • Parallel joints – the parallel joint provides a stable connection between two parallel profiles of the D28 tube system.

Material: aluminium


  • Adapter for the 40 Series – allows you to connect the 40 Series profiles to the D28 tube system.

Material: aluminium

  • MK’s 582 plugs – have a diameter of 28 mm and close the front side of MK 2279 and  MK 2280 profiles. It prevents access to sharp edges of profiles and provides an aesthetic appearance. The plug is only installed by pushing it into the profile.

Material: black plastic

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