Conveyors with gear belts are made with one, two or even several belts. Wide selection of belts and their covering options makes it easy to fit the conveyor to the application. They are usually used to transport pallets and other objects with regular shapes.

ZRF-P 2010 Conveyor

The frame construction provides high load capacity, the possibility of mounting accessories and protects the passive part of the belt against accidental access.

There is no possibility to use belts with trucks or thick cover.

  • width of the conveyor: 200-1000 mm;
  • belt’s width: 32mm;
  • length of the conveyor: 500 – 6000 mm;
  • maximum load: 250 kg;
  • maximum speed: 60 m/min.

ZRF-P 2040 Conveyor

Ideally suited for cyclical transport. Various coverings and pickups can be applied to the belts. Several variants of drive location, including a central bidirectional one.

  • width of the conveyor: 40, 80, 120 and 160 mm;
  • belt’s width: 32, 70, 110 and 150 mm;
  • length of the conveyor: 650 – 6000 mm;
  • maximum load: 250 kg;
  • maximum speed: 60 m/min.

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