Roller conveyors are designed to transport elements of regular shapes such as boxes, packages, pallets etc. Each type is available as straight and arched. They are available in gravitational versions (without drive) as well as driven by chain or electro-roller. Depending on the operating environment and loads, you can choose between steel and plastic rollers with different diameters and wall thicknesses.

RBS-P 2065/2066 Conveyor

The RBS-P 2065  gravitional conveyor has a low frame – the rollers protrude beyond the frame’s contour, which makes it possible to transport elements wider than the conveyor itself. The frame of the conveyor is high enough to form side bands – it is possible to transport elements with a width smaller than the conveyor itself.

RBS-P 2255 Conveyor

A gravitational conveyor with a stable and robust frame – stronger version than RBS-P 2065/2066.

RBT-P 2255 Conveyor

Chain-driven conveyor (1/2″). The chain is guided in a tight casing so that contaminants do not have access to it.

RBM-P 2255 Conveyor

Electrically driven roller conveyor. Each electro roller can drive up to 9 consecutive rollers through round belts. This makes it possible to control the drive of individual roller sections separately.

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