Belt conveyors commonly used to transport unit or bulk products.

They are designed for a specific application and product, which determine the basic dimensions of the conveyor (working width and length, height, load, linear speed). Conveyor belts made of PVC, polyurethane or rubber are the supporting element in conveyors. Depending on the requirements, the belts are certified for direct contact with the food products. In case of heavy loads on the conveyor, the drive shafts can be covered with appropriate thickness of rubber, which prevents slippage and uneven belt operation. Conveyors are often equipped with elements that ensure proper guidance of the product during transport – bands, adjustable side constraints.

Optional equipment is a speed control system (inverters – smooth speed control within a fixed range), sensor and safety systems. The structures are made of metal sheets, sections and profiles connected by welding or screwing. Welded structures are subjected to additional processing to obtain the required surface quality. The transporters are based on welded or screwed supports, which make it possible to move the transporter easily. All conveyors are constructed to eliminate the possibility of any danger to the persons handling them. They have technical documentation and meet the requirements of the European standards.

Belt conveyors of the highest quality

Belt conveyors are valuable helpers in both larger and smaller companies, mainly industrial and manufacturing. The use of this type of equipment significantly accelerates the production process by shortening the transport time of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Such a solution is associated with the convenience and automation of individual elements occurring within the company.

The models available at Archimedes are not only functional but also available at attractive prices. If you are interested in our conveyors, please send us a request for quotation – we will try to answer as soon as possible. When ordering a belt conveyor of this type, you have one hundred percent certainty that the new model will serve a very long time, efficiently accelerating the stages of production and small-sized transport inside the company. Our service will provide you with neccessery suport, which results in the continuity of processes.

The offer of Archimedes consists of components for the construction of machinery and equipment, conveyors, drives and many other devices which are worth getting acquainted with. Creating our assortment from the category of belt conveyors, we focused on a comprehensive offer, consisting of quality products. This is a trustworthy durable solution that will work perfectly in any place.

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