Conveyors of this type are used to transport packed products. They are most often used in the bottling industry (transport of cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, cartons) and in fruit, vegetable and fish processing (transport of jars, cans). The supporting element is a plate chain (plastic or metal) with a width from 32mm to 304mm. The supporting structure of the conveyors is made of profiled sheets with a polished external surface, connected by welding or screwing with metal elements.

The width of the conveyor depends on the product and application and usually ranges from 50mm to 1000mm.

Conveyors are built as single-row for single products or multi-row for bulk products (e.g. buffer tables).

Length from 600mm to 15000mm, height from 300mm to 1300mm, load up to 100 kg/mb.

Fixed or variable speed drive (mechanical adjustment of the variator, electrical adjustment of the inverter).

Drive or return shafts are supported in bearing units with pendulum bearings. The conveyor design also includes support and side guide systems selected according to product size and application requirements. They ensure proper product guidance and prevent the product from tipping over or falling out of the conveyor. These can be steel rods, flat bars with PE caps, metal profiles with plastic element, roller bands (beaded). Supports are usually made by means of a pipe or profiles mounted on bipods and tripods with leveling feet for the conveyor. Other additional equipment of conveyors according to customer requirements. Conveyors are built for straight sections and working with arched sections.

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