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Oferta kierowana jest głównie do producentów maszyn oraz urządzeń dla przemysłu spożywczego, farmaceutycznego, medycznego i chemicznego.

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MiniMotor specializes in the production of small size gearboxes and miniature motors. Compact design of MiniMotor’s drives is used in devices requiring limited dimensions.

Our offer includes:

  • asynchronous motors (motors can be equipped with an encoder or a brake), A series,
  • cylindrical motoreductors, AR, AC, ACC, PAM, PA series,
  • planetary cylindrical motoreductors , ACE, ACCE, PAE, PAC series,
  • worm motoreductors, MC, MCC, BC2000, BC2000, PC series
  • worm planetary motoreductors, PACE, BCE2000, MCE, MCCE, PC series
  • servo motoreductors (brushless)
  • servo motors
  • speed controllers for motors, series RM220E, MININVERT 370E-740E

The series of mini gearboxes, markedwith  CLEAN stainless steel, is ideal for use in aggressive environments or requiring very high hygienic standards – resistant to high pressure and high temperature washing (long-term immersion in liquids possible).

MiniMotor’s motors are suitable for three-phase AC 230/400V, single-phase AC 230V and constant DC 12V, 24V power supply. The offer is addressed mainly to manufacturers of machines and components for food, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industries. The majority of manufacturers offer their customers reducers and gearboxes in a wide range of mechanical sizes, while the MiniMotor’s offer is addressed mainly to manufacturers of small machines, where the demand for drive power does not exceed 300W and there are limitations as to the size of the drive (laboratory equipment, small manipulators), small feeders, transport and dosing devices.

They are often used as drives for rotary advertisings, small conveyors, transport devices (e.g. cash registers in supermarkets), manipulators, laboratory equipment and dosing devices. Minimotor’s motors are also used as auxiliary drives in various specialist machines.

Unique design, simplicity together with the latest developments in drive technology and a pleasant appearance – these are features that will surely be appreciated by many designers, constructors and users.

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