Chiaravalli planetary gearboxes
Chiaravalli planetary gearboxes

Planetary gearboxes are toothed gears, which, due to their design (central circulation wheel and satellites) are characterized by very high efficiency, low weight and dimensions in relation to the transmitted torque and loads. In addition, Chiaravalli planetary gearboxes can be used to achieve very high gear ratios.

Chiaravalli supplies two main series of planetary gearboxes: linear and angular gears. They are attached to the equipment with a foot or flange. Chiaravalli planetary gearboxes are marked with CHPL, CHPB.

Chiaravalli planetary gearboxes – high quality workmanship

Planetary motoreductors are used to transfer stroke loads and change direction of rotation. They have been designed to allow for very high gear ratios. All thanks to their unique design, which makes Chiaravalli planetary gearboxes extremely durable and wear-resistant – once installed they will last a long time. Every entrepreneur knows how important it is for a well-functioning business to have machines running smoothly.

Durable motoreductors for large loads

The drive of these gears is multi-pointed. The manufacturer supplies two series of planetary gearboxes: a linear series and an angular series. The linear gearbox is suitable for low speeds and heavy loads, while the angular gearbox is suitable for use in the 90° angle gearbox. Planetary gearboxes are used in sewage treatment plants, agricultural industry or wind power plants.

Basic parameters:

  • 11 mechanical sizes
  • two main gearbox series: CHPL – straight gearbox; CHPLB – angular gearbox
  • output torque range up to 620 000 Nm
  • the gearing range: 3,55-3 422
  • mounting versions: CCPC feet; CMC, CMCS, CPC, CPCS CFS, CMS, CPS, CF flange
  • output accessories: CHGA clamping bushing, CHBS gear bushing, CHKB gear shaft, CHYZ gear wheels, CHFL and CHFF clamping hubs
  • connections for IEC electric motors, hydraulic motors, drive shafts CP65, CM65, CM42
  • cnternal brake: RA braking torque 90-550 Nm; RB braking torque 250-1700 Nm
  • compensating reservoirs

Gearboxes are made in 3 input versions:

  • standard flange under motor, according to IEC standard
  • connection for hydraulic motors,
  • with a drive shaft.

Chiaravalli planetary gearboxes are made in different output versions:

  • with a keyed shaft
  • with a multi-keyed shaft
  • with hollow shaft with clamping bushing
  • gear wheel
  • with clamping hub.

In addition, the gearboxes can be equipped with an internal brake, a reaction arm or an oil’s compensation tank with vent. Reliability, compactness and a variety of design options allow for ideal use in many applications.

At Archimedes we want to provide our customers with high quality products. That is why we establish cooperation with manufacturers who take care of even the smallest details at every stage of production. One of those is Chiaravalli, an Italian brand founded by technological innovator Silvio Chiaravalli. They boast a long tradition which has enriched their experience and makes the manufacturer a market leader in the area of machine mechanics.

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