Mid-Heavy Duty gearboxes
Mid-Heavy Duty gearboxes

The PBH gearboxes of the Motovario Group are a series of helical, parallel and helical bevel gearboxes designed for drives in heavy industry. Motoreductors are designed to provide maximum reliability under the harshest operating conditions.

BH and PH gearboxes are mainly used in mining, metallurgy, plastics processing, sewage treatment plants, etc. Additional options such as: mounting flanges, reverse’s protection mechanism, oil cooler, special sealant can be used – they allow the drive to be used in many applications and operating conditions.

Gearbox features:

  • 7 mechanical sizes
  • torque: up to 90 000 Nm
  • 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-stage transmissions
  • the gearing range: 1,25 – 762
  • diameter of output shafts: 90-190 mm
  • transmission power: up to 132 kW
  • hardened gears made of 17CrNiMo6-4, 25CrMo4 and 20MnCr5 steel
  • cast iron enclosure GJL200 UNI EN 1561 coated with electrostatic epoxy RAL5010 paint
  • versions of the execution: HC,HS – through bushing, HL – clamping bushing, CS, SS, CD, SD – shaft,


  • ATEX 3 GD,
  • safety cover
  • anti-reverse mechanism
  • special sealants NRB, FPM (FKM)
  • IEC connection flanges, NEMA

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