Chiaravalli worm gearboxes
Chiaravalli worm gearboxes
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Worm gearboxes are the most commonly used gearboxes in industrial machines.

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Worm gearboxes are the most commonly used gearboxes in industrial machines. They owe their popularity to their attractive price, availability, compact design and maintenance-free operation.

Worm gearbox is a gearbox in which two elements work together: a worm (made of hardened steel) and a helix (made of bronze alloy). Gearboxes can be mounted to devices by means of a flange, reaction arm or directly to the body. An important advantage of worm gearboxes is self-locking system.

Chiaravalli worm gearboxes are marked with symbols: CH, CHM. The standard worm gear ratio is in the range from I=5 to I=100. By using a CHPC helical step or by assembling two gearboxes we can achieve a gear ratio up to I=10,000. The efficiency of worm gearboxes ranges from 40% to 85%, depending on the gear ratio. Archimedes’ Chiaravalli worm gearboxes are available in two basic types: CHM and CH.


  • 10 mechanical sizes: 025 – 150
  • power: 0,09 – 15 kW
  • the gearing range: 5 – 100
  • maximum torque: 1560 Nm
  • painted in grey RAL 9022
  • versions with CHML torque limiter
  • possibility of using additional modules
  • cylindrical PCs increasing the gearing range to I = 300


  • 6 mechanical sizes: 03 – 08
  • power: 0,09 – 4,0 kW
  • the gearing range: 7 – 100
  • maximum torque: 350 Nm
  • painted in grey RAL 9022
  • possibility of using additional PC cylindrical modules
  • increasing the gearing range to I = 300

Accessories: transfer shafts, fixing flanges, PVC covers, reaction arms.

The characteristic feature of all worm gears is their self-locking system. The gearing range: from 5 to 100. With additional elements such as a shaft’s attachment or when two worm gearboxes are coupled, a gearing of up to 10,000 can be achieved.

For dimensions, diameters, gear ratios and other detailed parameters of all worm gearboxes available from Archimedes, see Chiaravalli’s catalogue.

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