TOMRA sorters for dried fruit and nuts

TOMRA has ready-to-use solutions for sorting dried fruit. We are able to sort basically all dried fruits: apricots, cranberries, figs, dried plums, raisins or dates.

The technology we use allows us to effectively remove any product defects such as discoloration, loose seeds, pieces of seeds, fruit with seeds and shells, products damaged by insects or worms, any defects, sticks, branches, unknown materials and fruit infected with aflatoxins.

TOMRA sorters are able to identify objects by their colour, shape and structure.

In 2015, TOMRA’s NIMBUS BSI technology for sorting nuts and dried fruits was awarded the prestigious Innovation Award 2015 at the World Congress of Dried Fruit and Nuts.


The use of TOMRA sorting machines translates directly into:

– increase in productivity

– very low level of production waste

– reduction of labour requirements (manual sorting of product defects)

– greater production line capacity

– food safety

– guarantee of quality and repeatability

– and most importantly, constant quality control thanks to the technology used.

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+48 601 357 661 – Paweł Janiga

+48 601 457 944 – Maciej Lubański

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