Conveying equipment in the form of a rotating metal or plastic disc.

The disc is driven by an electric motor with the possibility of speed control to synchronize it with the production line efficiency. The diameter of the disc, on which the products are buffered, is usually 700 -1000mm and the height 800-1000mm. The rotary disc is placed on a support structure made of structural profiles and on plastic sliders or rotating elements. The cover in the form of metal sheet or rods placed on the circle of the table ensures proper holding of products. The middle band ensures smooth distribution of products during the emptying of the table.

Rotary tables are used to accumulate the finished product after the production process, or they are a buffer for products (packages) before they are filled. Rotary tables are well suited for metal, aluminium, plastic or glass packaging (bottles, jars). The average table load ranges from 40-200 kg.

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