TOMRA sorters for fresh and frozen fruits

TOMRA offers technologically advanced optical sorters for sorting and separating different fruits, both fresh and frozen. The use of TOMRA sorters guarantees continuous quality control and food safety by removing unwanted bodies, deformed products and color defects with maximum efficiency.

Sorted fruits can be whole or processed. These machines are ideal for sorting such fruits as blueberries, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, currants, peaches, pears as well as citrus and others.


The technology of flashing LEDs, irradiating the product with different wavelengths, and specially designed system of sensors ensure reliable detection of defects in colour, shape and structure. The LEDs that illuminate the product have a long service life, providing efficiency, making the sorter’s lighting system maintenance-free. Flashing LEDs have a significant advantage over traditional lighting sources even in cold environments (below zero) as they do not produce heat.

The technology allows for effective sorting of products with discoloration, leaves, petioles, seeds, mechanical damage, mouldy and rotting fruits. Additionally, we remove all types of materials and unknown bodies such as insects, worms, wood, plastic, glass, etc.

The technology used in TOMRA sorters allows the sorting of fruit based on defects and biological characteristics, shape, colour, size, structure and density of the unknown material.


The use of TOMRA sorting machines translates directly into:

  • increase in productivity
  • reduction of labour requirements (manual sorting of product defects)
  • greater production line capacity
  • food safety
  • guarantee of quality and repeatability
  • constant, controlled quality, thanks to the latest technology

TOMRA’s food sorting solutions increase capacity and availability while improving productivity, quality and food safety.

Find out which sorter is perfect for your business!

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