TECO JNE510 inverter
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The E510 (formerly EM16) inverter series is designed to control asynchronous cage motors.

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The E510 (formerly EM16) inverter series is designed to control asynchronous cage motors. It is available with both single-phase and three-phase power supply. Compact, durable and versatile, the E510 is equipped with high quality sensorless vector control. The E510 series is available in IP20 and IP66 casings. It has an integrated Modbus communication interface as standard in all versions.

The entire series is equipped with an integrated EMC filter according to class C2.

All versions have integrated PLC functions and ladder language programming mode, fully compliant with IEC61131.

Basic parameters:

  • sensorless vector and V / f control
  • autotuning function
  • 150% torque at 1 Hz
  • 20% braking torque without additional resistors
  • integrated braking transistor in the whole series
  • 100% braking torque with optional resistors
  • RS485 interface Modbus RS485 via RJ45
  • PC software
  • 3 types of PWM modulation available
  • 6 multifunctional inputs
  • 2 multifunctional outputs
  • input and output phase loss’ control
  • automatic adjustment of modulation frequency according to temperature
  • password protection of parameters
  • 16 programmable fixed speeds
  • 16 acceleration/deceleration ramps for each set speed
  • 16 programmable speed of cycle sequences
  • internal PLC functions with ladder language (timers, counters, comparators, …)
  • PID controller, whose values can be monitored on the display
  • electromechanical logic of brake control
  • degree of protection IP66 to 11 kW
  • controlled stopping of the motor without the use of power
  • Energy saving function

A version of the motor integrated in the DRIVON inverter by Motovario is also available – check it out!

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